AB original Tours

A Motorcycle journey through the world’s highest Himalayan mountains or the "royal" desert state of Rajasthan requires meticulous planning, painstaking organisation and judicious preparations. Finding a reliable motorcycle, tools & spares, arranging "inner-line" permits, lugging all your stuff on the bike & searching for comfortable & value for money lodging are enough to discourage an otherwise adventurous traveller from embarking on such a quest. This is where we come in.

AB original Tours, with twin bases at Solan (Himachal) & Bharatpur (in Rajasthan), is a small but cozy family run outfit. We are a Motorcycle Tour Operator and we do not offer anything except the tours and some add-on services to facilitate the tours. We are neither "agents" nor do we employ the services of "agents" to sell our tours. That way we offer the best services at great value straight to our valued customers. (NO our tours will not make any un-scheduled stops at "Handicraft Shops" and the Taj Mahal is not for sale!). We offer a total experience for the adventurous travellers who have dreamt of traversing this land on a motorcycle but dread the hassles of organizing such a journey on their own.

Why join an organized/ guided tour?

Our Tours have several advantages but three aspects stand out in particular. The first is that in India having a Reliable Motorcycle is crucial to making such a holiday "memorable" rather than "forgettable". Touring on our well maintained fleet of Royal Enfields (we do not rent our bikes individually, they are only used exclusively for our own group tours) saves you tons of hassles & leaves only the exploration & adventure for you to enjoy. The second is that, by carefully selecting and arranging comfortable & reasonable lodging and dining locations throughout the tour, we free up more of your valuable vacation time (& money) for riding and having fun. Last, but certainly not least, our tours give you the chance to enjoy the company of other riders from many parts of the world. In addition to enjoying a great motorcycling vacation you'll have an opportunity to gain new friendships that could last a lifetime.


All tours are accompanied by an experienced "English speaking" ride leader / guide (in most cases its Atul himself) who has extensive knowledge & familiarity of the routes.



Check our prices and then go ahead and compare with anyone you want. Our prices offer real value for money without making any compromise towards comfort & safety. Plus, even at these prices we arrange accommodation at comfortable Mid-range to heritage & luxury Hotels, inclusive of Breakfasts & Dinners !



AB original Tours is TOTALLY "locally" owned & operated outfit ("AB" being the initials of owners name; No, there is no Aussie connection here). Atul is a native of the region and has extensive local knowledge. We operate from two bases; one near Shimla (the capital of Himachal Pradesh) and the other at Bharatpur (for Rajasthan tours). Besides, we are a small "family run" unit so you deal with the very same people from the time of booking till the end of the tour.



"cutting out the middleman": AB original Tours has no agent or intermediary selling its tours and we deal directly with all our clients. Also, in this age of internet & mobile communication. we don`t have any brick & mortar office The cost savings get passed on to you.



All tours are accompanied by an experienced "English speaking" ride leader / guide (in most cases its Atul himself) who has been leading tours for more than 8 years and has extensive knowledge & familiarity of the routes & conditions.



We use Royal Enfield Motorcycles (apparently the best touring motorcycle for Indian conditions) for our tours which are perpetually kept in excellent condition by our mechanics. We have very young fleet of fully owned motorcycles which comprises of 2 types: 1. Royal Enfield Classic 500: This “stunner” brings with it the vintage charm & gives you the “Retro Bullet feel”. Yet it has many newer features like a 27 bhp electronic fuel injection engine, electric start, front disk brake, digital electronic ignition and of course; gears on left - brake on right side. Due to it's 800 mm saddle and easy riding it is a preferred Motorcycle for Indian touring conditions. 2. The Himalayan 411: This is the latest offering from the stables of Royal Enfield, their first venture into the "off-road" bikes segment. The tall stance, high placed handlebars, high ground clearance, the up-angled silencer and the belly pan prove their worth in the Himalayas.


Your booking deposits are safe with us. All money received by us is kept in a "corpus fund" till the commencement of the tours. Deposits & Refunds are governed by our Booking & Cancellation policies set-forth in an unambiguous & transparent detail in our terms & conditions. The tours have been designed meticulously and every care is taken to provide all services mentioned in our “What’s Included” section.



Our tours have roughly 30% "non-riding/ optional riding/ rest" days leaving enough time for leisure & fun. Besides, an average riding day means only a few hours of riding leaving at least half of that day for other activities. How much fun you'll have? We leave this for you to decide. (Even "blowing one`s own horn" warrants some modesty!)



We arrange your accommodation & permits, support vehicle hauls your luggage, versatile mechanics keep the bikes in top condition & Support Crew serve as ride leaders & offer assistance wherever needed. Just "kick-start" a hassle free adventure. We take care of the rest. The accommodation on our tours is a judicious mix of comfortable mid-range hotels & luxury. Adventure, Comfort & value for money all in one !


We prepare for almost every contingency with utmost care. A comprehensive medical & first aid kit, a ride leader who is certified in FIRST AID and loads of know-how help in facilitating a stress free tour.